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august, 2023

04aug(aug 4)10:45 am11sep(sep 11)4:00 pmInner Orbit Yoga 200Hr Teacher Training

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Nicky will take you on a journey into the ancient wisdom of yoga, and the hidden depths of yourself. Become a certified yoga teacher with the Inner Orbit Yoga 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training 2023.

Starting 4th August, for 5 Weekend Long Trainings followed by a Retreat in Maleny in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland. (See bottom of page for more info)

Whether you’re looking to take a deep-dive into your personal yoga practice or
become a highly prepared and confident yoga teacher, this course is sure to be
transformational for anyone with a passion for yoga.
You’ll dive deep into a breath-focused Vinyasa style of yoga with deep roots in the
traditional methods and philosophy of ancient yoga practices. You’ll learn with clarity
and deep understanding how to create a lifestyle, practice and teaching method where
yoga is effortlessly integrated physically, mentally and energetically into your modern

This YTT experience will develop your practice beyond your imagination and give you
all the tools to become a highly professional and confident yoga teacher.

Through a multi-pronged approach, we teach you how to nurture your body, mind and spirit,
creating enriching connections with other inspiring humans.
Our 200 hour yoga teacher training is where your self-empowered journey to well-being and
vitality begins.

Whether you’re an aspiring teacher seeking a globally recognised yoga teacher certification,
or a dedicated yogi seeking to expand your practice and deepen your knowledge, this training
is designed to give you a combination of structure, freedom and scalability to express your
yoga practice to suit you or your student’s needs.
We keep group numbers small to maintain an authenticity of direct and personalised
teachings, as has been done for thousands of years.

Our program is designed and facilitated by highly experienced teachers to ensure the highest
standard of education. While being guided towards utilising yoga for your own personal
development and you’ll also learn the skills as a facilitator that have been tried and tested by
hundreds of graduates of our course. You will receive a comprehensive training in yoga,
meditation, pranayama/breathwork, class sequencing, philosophy, subtle body energetics and
much more,

With over a decade of experience in yoga teacher trainings, this course is of the highest
international standards, being prepared and led by Nicky Grimsdale – Yoga Alliance 500hr E-
RYT. Nicky’s extensive experience and broad knowledge is inspiring and mind expanding
while he keeps it relatable and usable, which is sure to open to your heart to the beauty and
wisdom that yoga has to offer.
The content in this course has been curated and refined over tens of yoga teacher trainings
around the world to give you a comprehensive understanding of yoga and have led to
numerous graduates of Nicky’s courses being sought after yoga teachers, not to mention the
countless lives that have been transformed through this life changing course.

——————- —————– ————————- ————–

We give you the tools to authentically embody the transformative gift that yoga has to offer.
Yoga is an integrated combination of theory and practice, with each being a supportive
function of the other. In this course as we learn the theory, we also put these ideas into
action, learning from a place of first-hand experience.

Philosophy always defines the goal of what you’re doing and where you’re going. In this
course we hold yoga philosophy as one of the most important subjects to study so we can
have a strong hold on the purpose, context, history and to give us some guidance in life from
some of the wisest teachings in history of humanity.
Ultimately, we study philosophy to have a deep sense of understanding of what yoga is all
about, which provides us with clear intention, direction and purpose with our own practice.
In this course, Nicky will share from a wealth of diverse knowledge on yoga philosophy in a
way that is understandable and relatable. While we will cover some of the most popular texts
like the Yoga Sutras, he will also share his passion for delving into some lesser studied and
more traditional texts like the Upanishads and the Vedas, lending from his studies in Advaita
Vedanta (non-dual philosophy).

When it comes to teaching or advancing your practice of yoga, the composition of your
sequence through order, rhythm and intention is of the highest priority and can be a powerful
form of communication with your students. In this course you will receive one of Australia’s
most comprehensive trainings on sequencing that goes far beyond what most 200-hour
YTT’s offer, giving you the opportunity to be highly professionally prepared, not to mention
being able to create an intelligent and feel-good practice for yourself that indefinitely caters
to your needs.

The breath is one of the most powerful tools we have to heal the body and steady the mind.
In the yoga journey, pranayama (breathwork) is one of the simplest and most profound
means of maintaining physical health, developing an intimate relationship with yourself and
creating a stable mind. Through experiential practice and an expansive study into the many
techniques of
pranayama, you will learn how to tailor a stand-alone or ongoing practice for yourself and
your students. This subject is one of Nicky’s favourites and will share it with a balance of
scientific research and eastern spirituality.

We simplify and clarify meditation, making it an enjoyable, accessible and sustainable
practice for everyone… yes, even you with the monkey mind! In this course we will approach
meditation with easy to follow, basic techniques and slowly build the meditation muscle with
gentle guidance and understanding. You’ll be able delve into your own personal journey of
meditation with lots of opportunities to ask questions and develop a better understanding
what meditation is and how to carry it as a dear companion throughout life’s ups and downs.
We will cover several different methods of meditation so you can find the right technique that
becomes a joy to practice with ease and consistency. We will cover an in-depth overview of
the theory, philosophy and science of how meditation is practiced and how we can tailor a
particular method to best suit the individual.
——————- —————– ————————- ————–

Deepen your practice

The Inner Orbit yoga teacher training enriches your love for yoga and greatly expands your
understanding of the practice. Whether or not you intend to teach, we believe a great yoga
teacher comes from being a great student, so the emphasis is both on your personal
development as a yogi and preparing you to teach professionally.
We aim to give you clear teachings with experiential knowledge of the many facets of yoga
including asana, meditation, breathwork, energetics and philosophy, and how these systems
work together. You will gain an understanding of the intricacies of each and every practice in
a way that relates to you. Throughout the entire training we are constantly adapting and
responding to the needs, learning style, level of understanding and interests of the group. We
curate the training’s content to suit the personal development of the individual from start to
finish, ensuring that every teaching is practical and fully comprehended.
Above all else, this training will advance your practice immensely. You will be empowered
with the knowledge of how to create your own scalable yoga practice to support you
indefinitely throughout your life. This training will give you the means to advance to a
masterful level of practice, suitable to your body and its evolving needs. You will certainly
leave the training glowing with enthusiasm, inspiration and motivation to enhance your deep
connection with yoga.

Share from the heart.

We guide teachers with easy-to-follow structure, in-depth understanding of the how’s and
why’s of various yoga systems and help them in finding their own authentic voice to guide
professional yoga classes at an internationally employable level. We ensure that our teacher
trainees finish their YTT with the confidence to step into a class and know exactly how to
teach a group of beginners through to advanced yogis.
This is achieved by nurturing the individual through a systematic and structured approach,
where you are given tools to share your knowledge and feeling of the practice, which will
continue to develop over time with teaching experience. We put an emphasis on slowly
developing your teaching skills by gradually building your ability throughout the training,
leaving you feeling ready to jump right in and start teaching your friends, family or at a
professional and commercial level.
We don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach of large group numbers, set sequencing or
trying to imitate a guru, instead we nurture each individual, guiding them to share their love
of yoga in their own words and style. Our course is quite different to others in the way we
approach teaching by giving multiple opportunities in the course to slowly build up and
practice teaching to each other, allowing you to become comfortable with this completely
new skill while being encourage and guided every (baby) step of the way.
——————- —————– ————————- ————–


No matter where you are in your yoga journey, we start teachings from a ground level
understanding for everyone. With clarity and deep understanding of the learning experience,
we have designed a training that guides you in being clear and confident of what you are
learning. Each subject is broken down and discussed at length, while the teachers ensure that
each student has understood the teaching before moving on. We emphasise individualised
learning and guide everyone in their unique way.
We explain the basic concepts, postures and definitions before moving on to more advanced
variations and understandings. Absolutely no experience with yoga is required, just a passion
for learning with an open heart and mind. All experience levels are welcome.

Anatomy, Adjusting & Asana Lab
These fun, interactive workshops are an embodied exploration of the anatomy of movement.
You will learn about the key systems of the body (nervous, respiratory, skeletal, muscular etc.)
and their interaction with the yoga practice. You will learn the body alignment in the key asanas
(yoga postures) and how to apply this knowledge for safe and effective practice and
teaching. You will also be taught how to confidently give hands-on assists and adjustments to
help support and deepen your students practices.

The breath is our primary source of life and the foundation of a meaningful yogic practice. It
has profound influence on our nervous system, cognitive ability, and how we interact with the
world. You will learn the enormous range of benefits that breathwork can provide and
ultimately how to teach potent and accessible breathing techniques that can be shared with
others in your yoga classes, as a preparation for meditation and in a wider range of settings.
You will discover how conscious, slow, deep breathing can truly heal on many levels.

History & Modernisation of Yoga
Learn where yoga comes from and how it has developed into its modern form. We will
explore ancient texts such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, foundational traditions and their
philosophies, including Jnan, Raja, Karma, Hatha, Tantra and Bhakti and the modern forms
of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga.

Yoga Philosophy
We will explore ancient Indian philosophical perspectives that define yoga and how they
translate to our modern lifestyle. We will study important texts including the Bhagavad Gita,
Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Upanishads, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and modern commentators.
These ancient texts are taught in a relatable manner, offering practical guidelines for living
an enjoyable, meaningful and purposeful life while you’ll have a robust understanding of
yoga’s most ancient texts.

One of the pillars of the yoga practice is meditation and through this training you will have a
clear understanding of what it is as a practice, philosophy, lifestyle and ritual.We offer you an
understanding of many different techniques, so you can find the right one that sticks with
you, making the process an effortless pleasure.  We will guide you towards clearly understanding
meditation and by extension, yourself. Our workshops on the subject are playful and engaging,
while keeping the content accessible, understandable, relatable and simple.

Tantra, Mantra & Chakras
Delve into the fascinating and mind-expanding subject of yogic energetics. In this
component we will explore concepts such as the bodies subtle energy junctions, known as chakras.
We will shed light on the most prominent yoga systems, such and tantra and mantra, dedicated to
understanding and working with subtle energetics.

Mudras and Bandhas
Mudras and bandhas fall under the umbrella of yogic energetics, which are gestures and
practices that direct subtle energy currents on particular pathways around the body. The
training will provide an experiential understanding of how to use these tools in your yoga
practice. The experience and practice of mudras and bandhas are one of the most easily
accessible and verifiable means of understanding how subtle energy can be directed and
utilised wilfully.

Class Sequencing
The sequencing component is one of the highlights and real strengths of this training. Nicky
has dedicated years of deep inquiry and practice to systemise one of the best vinyasa
sequencing training available.
The sequencing element of this course will give you an in-depth understanding of how to
create a purposeful, intelligent, anatomically minded, energetically balanced and technically
structured basis for creating a bespoke public class or personal practice. Intelligently prepare
your students for challenging postures and prevent injury, deepen awareness of the body,
allow for a more natural, non-jarring progression of the sequencing bell curve, being able to
spontaneously navigate and adapt a sequence that’s appropriate for every-single-body in the
room regardless of experience, and influence the flow of energy in the body. This component
of the training will give you tools to develop indefinitely as a student or teacher.

Teacher Embodiment
We help teachers find their own voice through which to guide their classes authentically and
with the utmost confidence. We ensure that our teacher trainees finish their teacher
training with the confidence ability to step into a class and teach a group of beginners
through to advanced yogis. This is achieved through a systematic approach, where you are
given tools to articulate and share your feeling of the practice, which will develop over time
through experience. An emphasis on teaching practice throughout the training leaves
teacher feeling ready to jump right in.

Business of Yoga
In our increasingly online world, where the internet is used to search for information about
services, there is an increasing need to have an online presence and to market yourself
and/or your business.  We will share our know-how on how to get a job and how to run a
studio, workshops, retreats or home-based business. We will guide you on how to develop
your commercial presence and market yourself.










Fridays: 5:30pm-8pm

Saturdays: 10:45am-4:30pm

Sundays: 10:45am-4pm

*Sunday 6th August is until 3pm*

Followed by a Retreat in Maleny in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland 24th – 30th September.


Early Bird Shared Room: $4100 *Ends 1st July 2023

Full Price Shared Room: $4400

Early Bird Private Room $4500 *Ends 1st July 2023

Full Price Private Room $4900


Where: Morning Light Studio for the weekend events followed by a 7 Day Byron Retreat info TBC



August 4 (Friday) 10:45 am - September 11 (Monday) 4:00 pm


Morning Light Studio

The Sports Hub, Level 1, 26 Main drive


Nicky GrimsdaleWith over 15 years of experience, Nicky's depth of knowledge shines through in every class. As a YA certified 500 E-RYT, he has led numerous yoga teacher trainings, retreats, workshops and classes around the world. Nicky has developed his teachings through the exploration of fluid dynamics in natural movement patterns, effective pranayama techniques with a balance of eastern energetics and western science, simple meditation methods and constant contemplation and study of Advaita Vedanta. Nicky has a passion for yoga and Vedic philosophy which is shared with simplicity that relates, in a seamless and practically integrated way, influencing every aspect of his teachings. An intelligently curated process goes into each and every class making for an experience that is engaging, nourishing and welcoming for anyone and everyone. Through years of practice and research into the purpose, history, styles, anatomy, energetics and philosophy of yoga sequencing, he has designed a playful yet structured approach to vinyasa sequencing with modern bodies in mind. His deeply thoughtful and empathetic approach to a multi-faceted yoga practice can be felt in a way that’s sure to guide you towards feeling centred and simply, yourself. Nicky’s classes take you on a journey of movement, unlocking areas of your body through gradual and intentional preparation for each posture

Morning Light Studio

Sunshine Coast Yoga, Pilates & Barre