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june, 2022

25jun10:30 am3:00 pmTRIMURTI YOGA WORKSHOPExplore the philosophy or Trimurti through Flow, Ceremonial Cacao, Breath, Mediation and Chanting

Event Details

Join Triyoga, chanting & Ayurveda leader Dagmar Hirsch and space holder / cacao facilitator / healer + owner & developer of B^RE movement; Annalisa in a nourishing experience of Tri Yoga flows, ceremonial cacao, breath, mediation, movement and chanting, as we move through each transition and cycle exploring the yoga philosophy of Trimurti.
Through this 1/2 day workshop we lean into the flow of change, transition, transformation and begin to cultivate deep presence, more discernment and a balanced perception as well as a deeper connection to our hearts leaving you feeling more balanced, calm and joyful.

You will walk away feeling connected, calm, joyful and empowered.

Tri Yoga is a vinyasa style that is slower paced with deep spinal flows and hip openers, rich in breath awareness, alignment and energy focus of flow through the spine and chakras. Working with the elements and seasons we work on holding asanas and lean deeper into each transition.

These ceremonies combine our favourite tools to help bring you into an altered state while activating the chakras.

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Chanting mantra connects us deeply bringing us to a higher vibration of the sacred texts, opens our throat chakra and allows us to be heard in our truth.

In Yogic Philosophy, the Trimurti is a concept of trinity used to illustrate the natural (and cosmic) life cycle functions of:

Creation (growth, expansion)

Preservation (balance)

Destruction (decay, contraction)

About Cacao

Sacred Cacao works on opening and activating the heart chakra, as it increases blood flow throughout the body. The ceremonial cacao used in all of our sacred ceremonies is 100% organic, ethically sourced and minimally processed to maintain its nutrients at an optimal level.

Bursting with benefits, cacao is one of the most concentrated forms of magnesium, calcium, chromium and antioxidants found in nature.

We utilise this plant medicine with reverence and respect to journey home to the heart, REconnect to our inner wisdom, heal the mind and body, develop creativity, heighten meditation and deepen our intimate relationships.

For the science lovers, here’s a little more info…..

It contains,

ANANDAMINE – anandamine in Sanskrit means BLISS – and is a bliss chemical that is found in the brain and in cacao that brings you literally into a state of bliss also known as that euphoric felling.
SEROTONIN – cacao increases the production of serotonin in the body, in turn turning up the dial on the HAPPY feeling.
TRYPTOPHAN – the precursor to serotonin. Tryptophan is great for elevation of mood, alleviates depression and anxiety.
THEOBROMINE – theobromine (directly translates to “food of the gods”) stimulates heart and mind, increases your energy, focus and concentration. HOW? it is similar to that coffee like kick, but smoother and without the crash.
13 x more antioxidants than blueberries
10 x more magnesium than bananas
2.9 x more iron than spinach

Heart Opening
Assists with meditation & inner-work
Deeper connection to self
Calms the mind and releases stress
Connection to higher self

Increases creativity
Prolongs focus
Enhances mood & brain function
Importnat information

Avoid caffeine on the day of ceremony
Eat a light breakfast prior to workshop and bring light snacks to nibble in between flows
Dress comfortable and warm for movement / meditation
Bring a water bottle, journal and pen.
Like all things we suggest you lean into resonance with ceremonial cacao. Ceremonial doses are quite high for some, so if you have any concerns or are on any medications pls see the cacao safety and cacao contraindications sheet provided by seleno health here.

When: Saturday 25th June

Where: Morning Light Studio

Time: 10:30-3pm

Investment: $160* Members Receive 10% Discount



(Saturday) 10:30 am - 3:00 pm


Morning Light Studio

The Sports Hub, Level 1, 26 Main drive


Annalisa Siefken and Dagmar HirschDagmar Hirsch Dagmar is a compassionate, tolerant, and content person. Her teaching instructions are positive, calm, warmhearted, and joyful. She carries positive energy which students love to indulge in. She can see the spiritual dimension behind things and lead people into a healing space through Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda Medicine.Dagmar’s presences is healing, so is her touch and her chanting. website Annalisa Siefken Annalisa is known for her capacity to create and hold sacred space with an open and loving heart. From facilitating sacred cacao ceremonies and women's circles, yoga and dance, to holistic hair sessions and product development, you will always feel held and nourished after an experience with her. Weaving her passion for continual growth and expansion together with ritual, mindfulness and play, Annalisa aims to leave her clients and participants feeling grounded yet inspired. website email - instagram - bare_movement annalisa_siefken

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