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Iselin Amanda Støylen and Chris Mapstone

Iselin Amanda Støylen Iselin is an experienced herbal medicine practitioner, yoga teacher and women’s health educator, specialising in menstrual cycle awareness and the female physiology. She assists women on their journeys towards harmony and well-being through connecting the mind-body-spirit relationship. Through studies of nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy and plant medicine work, Iselin has found an approach to health and wellness that is holistic, Earth-based and attainable; rooted in both science and spirituality. Iselin works intimately with the medicine of cacao, through ceremony, ritual and prayer, and has a book entirely dedicated to cacao and raw chocolate recipes, “The Art Of Chocolate”. You more about Iselin on her website Chris Mapstone Mapstone’s music is Steeped in conscious lyrics, thoughtful grooves and melodic, earthly melodies. Blending and bending Medicine, Reggae, Folk and World music into a unique fusion and expression. A song carrier, a musical mystic, a weaver of melody and rhythm. Chris Mapstone has spent a decade travelling in multi dimensional musical realms. He has shared his heart and music around the world at festivals, events, retreats, teepee’s, fires and ceremonies. His music continues to grow and flourish as he follows the music and the muse to where it is needed. Having shared stages and space with other visionary artists such as Murray Kyle, Darpan, and Lulu and Mischka. Chris’s musical path is one of healing and service; It is a deep dive into the mystery, wrapped in a warm blanket of love and grace. Combining Voice, Yidaki (didgeridoo), Percussion, Guitar and Flutes, Mapstone weaves an uplifting and enchanting sound. The lyrics and music are transformational; connecting the body and spirit in a multi dimensional sonic journey of the heart; for the heart and from the heart.

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